Covid 19 Vaccinations

Gloucester and Stroud MedicCo are committed to the health and wellbeing of the community.  The Australian Government have approved both of our Medical Centres to vaccinate the community against the Covid-19 virus.  We would like to hear from you if you are willing to be vaccinated against this virus.

Vaccinating will begin shortly and clients will be screened for eligibility in the first instance.  Once approved, an appointment will be made with a follow up vaccine required 3 months later.

Expressions of interest are sought from ALL of the community should you wish to be vaccinated.  This vaccinating programme is expected to take several months, and it is envisaged that the entire community can and will be vaccinated in due course.

Expressions of interest can be sent to or send us a letter with your name, address, date of birth to 77-81 Denison Street, Gloucester NSW 2422

Or 64 Cowper Street, Stroud  NSW  2425

Stroud clients can call the practice on (02) 4994 5106

Click here for further information including a consent form

Click here to check your eligibility and for further information

Click here for information on the risk of blood clots and low platelets vs the benefit

Updated 18th  April 2021