19th March 2021


We have welcomed four new doctors to the team in the last few weeks.  Dr Maryum Chaudhry and Dr Robert Panchasarp are our new registrars and Dr Mostafa Elkhawaga joins us from Newcastle.

Dr Joanne Charlier has recently moved to Gloucester with her husband and 4 young children and is joining us at the practice on a permanent basis 2 days a week.

Melissa Williams has joined the crew as Practice Manager, replacing Rachel Blanch.  We wish Rachel all the very best in her future endeavours. We wish Harlee Davies all the very best too - her baby is due any day now.  We also welcomed this week Kathy Wardrop to the reception team and best of luck to Maddison McGovern as she takes some exciting new steps for her future.

Lachlan Chapple has started working one day per week at Gloucester MediCo.  Lachlan is a young podiatrist who is looking forward to assisting you with any requirements you may have.


COVID is still an everpresent concern, but we are delighted that NSW Health has lowered its recommendations, so we can now dispense with universal mask wearing. We are all breathing (literally) sighs of relief! You are welcome to wear a mask for added protection if you choose, and certainly should wear one if you have any symptoms. Patients with respiratory symptoms are being screened for COVID prior to being offered consultations in our facilities. Anyone too sick to wait for a result should contact the Gloucester Hospital for assessment.

Vaccinating will begin 22nd March 2021.  Please feel free to call the practice to let us know if you would like to be vaccinated.  It is free of charge, although at this stage you need to be eligible for Part 1b of the rollout.



As confidence in our ability to contain coronavirus increases, we will resume our previous practice of charging for prescriptions and referrals requested outside of a consultation. These will be provided when clinically appropriate, by your regular doctor, at their next available time. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST A WEEK. If your regular doctor is not available, you will require a consultation. Practice policy remains that prescriptions for opiate and other restricted medications require a consultation. Short consultations for prescriptions - in person or by telephone continue to be offered, and will be bulk billed.

June 11th, 2020


We will cease universal bulk billing from July 1st, 2020. If you do not have a pension or health care card, but are experiencing financial hardship, please discuss with your doctor. WE DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO FEEL THEY CAN”T AFFORD TO SEEK MEDICAL CARE. 

May 15th, 2020


Today the government has relaxed restrictions, but the threat has not gone. It is up to us to take responsibility for our actions, and maintain social distancing. Download the COVID app, wash your hands frequently, and don’t touch your face. If you develop respiratory symptoms, contact us IMMEDIATELY to arrange testing. We all need to do our part to keep COVID 19 contained. 

April 9th, 2020 - Gloucester & Stroud Rooms


As Dr Bartone, president of the AMA warned this week:

“Every week in Australia, several tens of thousands of diagnoses around internal cancers, skin cancers, diabetes, new heart disease, are made,” Dr Bartone said.

“If Australians neglect their care during this time, all we are going to do is shift an enormous burden of care many, many months down the road – with worse outcomes, more complications, more morbidity, and indeed, many Australians will lose their life to preventable conditions.

“So, my message to Australians is: speak to your doctor, keep in touch and maintain your usual care. There's never been an easier time and a safer time to access the care face-to-face in a clinic. Clinics at the moment are responding enormously well to the telehealth initiatives. And consequently, there is a vast amount of work being done over the telephone or the video channels.”